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What is a promotion code?

The promotion entry code is a 5 or 6 digit code that was printed on the original promotion entry card or competition invitation.

What is a redemption code?

The redemption code is a special code or password that was sent to you advising that you have won. This may have been sent via SMS or email.

What if I have lost or cannot find my promotion or redemption codes?

If you cannot find you promotion card or redemption code you need to email the promotion organisers click here.

I have submitted my details and I have not yet received my package?

Please allow 10 business days from the time you completed your form. If 10 business days have lapsed you can email the promotion organisers click here.

What is the prize and what is its value?

All prizes are presented in the promotion terms and conditions.


If your question is not answered above and you have read the promotion terms and conditions are still experiencing trouble you can email the promotion organisers click here.